How to set up gutter cleaning Akron Canton

Here’s some helpful information regarding gutter cleaning in Akron and Canton Ohio. The Gutter Boys offer gutter cleaning and it is easier than ever to set up! Call our office 440-454-7040 or set up online

Basic Gutter Clean

In a Basic Gutter Clean, all debris is removed from the gutter by hand and placed into trash bags. A gas-powered blower may be used to remove dry particles and to blow off the roof. Each downspout is checked for clogs and flushed and/or disassembled if necessary. Any fallen debris is collected and the yard around the house is left clean and presentable.

The basic gutter clean is a cost saving option for customers who do not feel the need to completely flush their gutter system. The basic gutter clean is a popular choice in the fall when debris is larger and therefore tends to clog the downspouts at the top.

Premium Gutter Clean

The Premium Gutter Clean adds a full downspout flush to the basic service. With the premium gutter cleaning, we also remove the debris from your gutters by hand and bag everything. If we find a clog within the downspouts, we will take it apart, remove the clog, and reassemble it. The premium gutter cleaning is recommended at least one time per year to ensure there are no clogs within your gutter system. Finally, our tech will do any needed clean-up, as well as blowing off any porches or walkways.

The premium gutter clean is the best option for customers who want to be sure that their entire gutter system is free and flowing. Clogs can often form in the drainage tiles underground and will only be detected with a thorough flushing of the downspouts during the gutter cleaning service. Although we recommend a premium gutter clean in the spring and fall, spring debris is smaller and more invasive and therefore more likely to clog deeper within the downspouts or in the drainage tiles underground.

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